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The Daftar Box

The Daftar Box

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Energize your workspace with The Daftar Box, a luxurious office set featuring intricate crystal details and a charming tea set. Transform your workday into a sensory experience and elevate your tea breaks with this unique and elegant addition to your desk. Make every moment at work feel like a special occasion.

Placing an amethyst crystal on your office table not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also acts as a protective talisman, fostering a positive work environment by warding off negative energies and promoting clarity and focus

Write your path to prosperity with a pyrite crystal pen, as the golden shimmer of this mineral is believed to enhance wealth attraction and amplify financial abundance.

Box contains:

2 Lotus Brass Glass Cups, 2 Brass Lotus Coasters, 1 Bindiya Pital Dabba with Hibiscus Tea, 1 Lotus Amethyst Sphere Crystal Paper Weight and 1 Pyrite Brass Pen for your big cheques. 

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