About us

The Roots of India is a homegrown brand and we aim to bring back everything that was lost in time. We take you back to the traditions, to make it a trend. We precisely and uniquely have selected our artisans from all over India to give you a piece of their art and the essence of India for your beautiful home. We have curated a category of products that will enhance you and your home experience, giving you a traditional yet aesthetic look for your 'Ghar'.

TROI is co-founded by two sisters, Preksha Srisrimal & Priya Srisrimal, who believe that traditions are the essence of living but being in trend is equally valuable. Our logo is a depiction of the transformation of a seed to a seedling, that we nurture for it to be a full-grown plant to a tree. Just like a mother nurtures the baby in her womb, for it to grow into a beautiful being. The birth giver is the synonym for Maa, Mother India, and Mother Earth, which unites the family and makes a 'Makan' into a 'Ghar'

We the people of India are so influenced by the western culture that we have forgotten our roots. We have buried our traditions to level up with this fast-paced life.Whereas India is more than its history, we are not just 28 different states, different languages, different food, or different cultures; we are the amalgamation of everything that exists around the world.

We are the trend creators and the trendsetters. We at TROI give you everything that will make your home experience, extraordinary.